A Dutch Masterclass: Caro Emerald shines at The Roundhouse

 March 16th 2012

In North London it is expected that an export from the Netherlands should be destined to leap to our attention, causing the masses to stand and take notice. Sorry Robin, the natural order may have just changed; there is a new Dutch master in town. Enter Caro Emerald, the funky and sassy #1 Dutch jazz artist, who put it an exceptional performance at The Roundhouse.


Although tracks like You Don’t Love Me and Mistaken Identity formed her introduction to the stage, it wasn’t until the groovy Back it Up got underway for the waiting crowd, where Caro got everyone involved (by emphasising their British accents) and the gig really came to life.


There was something of a 1950s sound to Dr Wanna-Do; its tongue in cheek lyrics and sax solo proved to be the right tonic for some of the ailing legs in the crowd.


Caro Emerald introduced Just One Dance, which was inspired by the film: The Quiet American. Her skit, ahead of the track, rendered her quite endearing when she reminded the audience of whom they came to see, tenuously pointing out her brilliance.


Her vocal prowess was evinced during her a cappella before The Other Woman, a track which wouldn't be out of place as the theme to the upcoming James Bond film, Skyfall; even the guitar solo would have made Mr. Van Halen stand up and take notice.


After a rousing encore, the crowd was treated to the (never recorded in the studio) Close to Me, which was dedicated to a special someone at home, and a heart warming performance of the classic Dream a Little Dream by Mama Cass.


After this performance, which eclipsed her last London appearance at the Shepherds Bush Empire, it is easy to see how Caroline Emerald’s album Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor has set an all time record in the Netherlands.